The third class city codes establishes a commission form of government; the mayor and four other members constitute the commission, the governing body of the city. The mayor is one of the members of council and acts as president. Each council member is in charge of one of the five major departments: Administration & Finance, Public Safety, Public Works, and the Police Department.


City Council meetings are held every second and fourth Tuesdays of each month. The meeting on the second Tuesday includes department reports from each of the City Department Heads. The public is welcome and encouraged to attend.

If you would like to present to City Council at a Council Meeting, you may either wait til the end of the meeting during "Citizen's Comments" or you may submit it to City Clerk Paula Durish by the Thursday before a Council Meeting: 

Paula Durish, City Clerk

715 15th Street, 2nd Floor

Beaver Falls, PA 15010


Mayor George S. Quay III

Police Department

Doug Carson

Public Safety

Leonard Chiappetta

Parks & Recreation

Kevin Kunselman

Administration & Finance

John "Chuckie" Kirkland

Public Works


715 15th Street

Beaver Falls, PA 15010


(724) 847-2800


Often called “a small city with a big heart", our location is second to none for proximity to one of the most livable big cities in America — Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.  Our weather has often been called “the best in the country”. Our early multicultural beginnings have given rise to a virtual melting pot of ethnic diversity, and you will find extensive numbers of churches, social organizations, and a friendly, welcoming community of people who will make you feel comfortable and safe. We will be happy to show you around so that you can discover what is so good and rewarding about small town living.


T: (724) 847-2800

F: (724) 847-4748

Police Non-Emergency:

(724) 846-7000

Fire Non-Emergency

(724) 843-1135

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