Street Department

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Garbage Collection | Recycling

The Street Department is responsible for the management and supervision of all activities relating to streets, sewers, sanitary sewers, leaf waste collection, parks and facility maintenance, building and grounds maintenance.

For any emergency such as sewer backups, storm debris on streets, flooding, and snow and ice removal including salting and plowing, the Department is always on call.

The following services are available, but not limited to, the following:

  • Third week of January, Christmas trees are collected. Residents must place them at the curb in front of their home.
  • Leaf Collection begins September thru October. Residents may rake the leaves into a pile in front of their home for the leaf machine to collect them. Residents may also place the leaves in plastic bags and call the Street Department for pick-up.

Recycling cans are provided free to each resident of the City and can be obtained at the City garage (located on 15th Street & 11th Avenue before the railroad tracks), while supplies last.

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