City of Beaver Falls contracts Valley Waste Services, Inc. for garbage and recycling collection. If you have questions or concerns about collection services please call Valley Waste Services, Inc.

Recyclables must be kept separate from garbage and should be placed in the RED 32 gallon containers provided by the City.

Recycling containers should be placed at the curb or a point not more than five feet (5 ft.) from the curb or, where there is no curb, the edge of the traveled roadway, in an unobstructed are that is clearly visible to the collector.

RED recycling containers can be obtained by calling the City Street Department, (724) 843-7191. If City recycling containers are currently not available, you can use your own container by marking it RECYCLING  in large white letters.

Recyclables are collected the SAME day as your garbage pick-up EVERY TWO (2) WEEKS with your regular garbage pick up.

Items Collected For Recycling

Glass Containers
Only clean bottles and jars made of clear, green or brown glass
No non-container glass, plate glass, windows, blue glass, porcelain, or ceramic products.

Metal Containers
Clean aluminum, steel or bi-metallic beverage and food cans

Plastic Containers
Clean consumer product containers made of #1 PETE and #2 HDPE plastics. Check bottom of container for type or the recycling mark.

Paper Products
Newspaper, telephone books, magazines, catalogs, and glossy inserts must be bagged or bundled and kept separate from the other recyclables and garbage. No junk mail or cardboard.