City Planning Commission

The City Planning Commission consists of seven residents who serve as volunteers appointed by City Council for staggered terms of four years. The Planning Commission works toward providing for the coordinated development of the City and the general welfare of its people.

The functions of the Planning Commission are to review subdivisions, land development plans, conditional use applications and lot line changes, and to make recommendations regarding these to City Council.

Because planning is a continuous process which shapes and guides the physical growth of the City in harmony with its social and economic needs, the Planning Commission urges all members of the public to attend its meetings and make known their views.

Regular monthly meetings are held in the City Building, in Council Chamber on the second floor, the second Thursday of every month. In order to be placed on the agenda, application and plans must be submitted to the Code Enforcement & Zoning Department at least two (2) weeks in advance of the meeting.  Special meetings will be announced and advertised as scheduled.

In the event that no business is scheduled on the agenda no meeting will be held.

Planning Commission Board Members include:

Ray Gutowski, Chairman
Roman Kozak, Jr.
Raymond Monza
Gerald Moran
Mary Beth Quinn
Harper J. Simpson
Nancy Pelaia